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Foundation Repairs

Among our foundation and crack repair solutions, we feature the Fortress Stabilization carbon fiber-based systems. These technologies add tensile strength to concrete, are ten times stronger than steel, and will not rust or break down.

Wall Reinforcement

We use the Fortress Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar™ Grid System to permanently repair cracked or moving foundations without steel

I-beams or tiebacks. Your walls can be finished smooth with no

unsightly obstructions. The repair is guaranteed for the life of your home.

Crack Repair

Epoxies alone can not prevent further movement of a wall. Cracks may recur in the same location unless the structure is reinforced. For crack repair, we use Fortress Carbon Fiber Countersunk staples. Like the Grid System, these add tensile strength to the wall, will not deteriorate, and can be finished smooth.

Foundation Repair
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